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Do your inclusivity initiatives measure up?

Oct 29, 2019 1:54:50 PM / by Nadia Nassif posted in Talent Strategy, Bias, diversity and inclusion


Intersectionality is key to breaking down barriers, increasing trust and fostering open, honest communication that supports all employees. This, in turn, leads to tangible business benefits.


“We don’t just have one identity — our identities are made up of many things, both physically and culturally, and the intersections matter.” — Elise Birkhofer, global lead for Google’s largest employee resource group

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Unconscious Bias in the Workplace: Perspectives of a Cross Cultural Coach

Oct 19, 2016 2:26:00 PM / by Nadia Nassif posted in Coaching, Bias, Multinational


As forward-thinking organizations deepen their commitment to cultures of diversity and inclusion (D&I), their human resources and management leaders are turning to a related, but less well-understood topic: unconscious bias (UB). Also referred to as implicit bias, UB has emerged as a major issue in the news, and a key theme in discussions ranging from politics and policing to campus culture and social behaviors.

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